Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing a domain name for your new website is the hardest part of your site creation process. It’s important that you get things right from the start.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right domain for your new website, consider these tips:

#1. Look for a .com
When it comes to domain names, you have the option to register everything from a standard “.com” to a “.net”, “.org”, and so on.

That said, registering a “.com” is the best choice for nearly all businesses, for two reasons:

“.com” names have better recognition. If you want readers to be able to enter your URL directly into their browsers, they’re far more likely to remember your name if it ends in “.com.”
There’s a small SEO benefit to using a “.com” domain, as the search engines view these URLs as belonging to stable, legitimate businesses.
Unless you have a truly compelling reason to register an alternative domain extension, stick with “.com” for best results.

#2. Consider registering multiple domain names
As the number of domain names continues to increase, good names are becoming more and more hard to come by. It’s possible to have a competitor snatch up the “.net” or “.biz” version of your URL.

Buying all of your domain names will keep competitors from out ranking you on the search engines. So consider buying up all the popular domain names for your chosen company, if they’re available.

#3. Keep it short
Availability of domain names is a growing issue these days. If your company has a truly unique name, you probably won’t have an issue getting your “.com” name.

But if your business name is even the slightest bit more generic, expect to encounter some difficulties when it comes to finding a “.com”

When you register a domain name that is too long, typically more than three words in length, your customers won’t be able to remember your website’s URL. They will most likely still find you in the search engines, but a simple misspelling can send them to your competitors website.

For best results, keep things short, sweet and easy to remember!

#4. Avoid cute names and abbreviations
Another domain name choice that will kill your memorability is to include “cutesy” names, abbreviations or numbers in your URL.

Take, for example, the sample domain name, “”

Whenever you try to tell someone your website name, you’ll have to explain that your URL uses the number “4”, rather than the spelled-out word “four” and the letter “u”, not the full word “you”.

#5. ALWAYS buy your own domain name
This one is the most important!!! We’ve seen time and time again, clients are in a deadlock with another web company or someone who made their first website, and now they can’t get a hold of them to make changes. If you do not own your own domain name, you can’t control your website. If you do own your own domain name, it can easily be pointed to another hosting company and start over with a new website. But at least you’re not in a deadlock with anyone or any company.

Take the time to think through all of your available domain name options to make sure that your final selection represents the best fit for your business.

If you need help picking out a domain name or registering for one, let us know, we’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

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