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Expert Website Assessments

Planning a web site redesign? A web site assessment is a great way to kick off the project. A web site assessment of your current site helps you understand how the new web site should be designed, what content it should include and what functionality should be present so there's no guesswork.

Website Usability Services

We fix web sites. If you suspect that your organization's web site is not reaching its full potential, we can find out why and tell you how to fix it (or fix it for you).

The project doesn't end with recommendations — we'll either make the changes for you or review the changes that your web team makes to ensure the recommendations are properly implemented.

We believe that every project is different, which is why we offer the following specialized services:

Expert Usability Reviews

An expert usability review is a quick way to find the "low-hanging fruit" that when fixed will make your web site more effective. It's difficult for most companies' employees to evaluate the ease-of-use of their web site. Internal evaluation is often sufficient for first-passes, but our usability review is objective and necessary to make sure your web visitor's experience more positive.

In about one week, you'll receive a detailed list of recommendations. Often these recommendations include screenshots of your web site with notes pointing out the recommendations.

The expert usability review focuses on the design and copy on a page, the layout of the page, clarity of labels and wording, navigation (entry and exit paths), HTML and CSS validity, download time and more.

Remote Usability Testing Services

Moderated usability tests can cost over $1,000 per user. That's why we offer remote usability testing services. Significantly less expensive and just as informative, remote usability testing helps you find out how people use your web site by actually watching them use it.

Validating your existing web site or new web site redesign through usability testing is one way to find out how effective it is.

Consulting Services start at $150/hr.

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