A customer email list is a very powerful sales tool. Email marketing is an effective, easy way to engage with your future clients as well as current customers. If you aren’t using your website to help capture visitor information to help grow your list, you are missing out on an important marketing opportunity.

A Pop-Up Email Capture Form

When someone visits your website, an easy way to get their information is through a simple pop-up. Pop-ups can be annoying sometimes and there are people out there that don’t like them, but there are multiple methods that are both unobtrusive and effective.

These include pop-down bars, splash pages, hover boxes, etc. Do your research and look at all the options available to determine which one will work best for your customers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to bombard them with a pop up the second they visit your site. You can wait until the second or third pageview before showing the pop-up to make sure they are indeed interested.

Premium Content and Downloads

Content is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. One good strategy to further grow your email list is to offer PDF downloads or premium content, but only after they sign-up for your email list. The content would still be free, but you can request a certain amount of information from your customer before they receive it.

The good thing about this is that you are not just gathering their email address, but you also learn what topics interest them based on what content they clicked on or downloaded.

Subscribe via Comment Form or Contact Form

When customers are reviewing or commenting on your site, chances are they are required to provide their name and email address. Since they are already giving you their information this is a great place to add an opt in check box. Make it an obvious part of the form fields to increase the subscription rate. Consider having it say something interesting such as “subscribe to our newsletter for discounts” rather than just “subscribe.”

Rather than growing your email list by buying names from a large company, which is frowned upon, you can start by looking at your own website to grow your list. These simple tips will help grow your email list with very little effort on your end. How do you grow your email list?


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