How to Select Your Keywords?

In order to be able to correctly select the best possible combination of keywords that would best represent the roofing industry, we should begin by asking ourselves a few questions. For starters, ask yourself, “what kind of people make up my target audience?” If you’re in the roofing industry, your target audience is very broad. At some point, everyone who owns a home or manages an apartment building or office is going to need a new roof constructed. Next ask yourself, “what level of education does my target audience possess?” Well, again, your target audience is broad and extremely diverse, so, you’re going to have to use language that is commonly understood by the majority of the public. No big words, nothing too fancy. Now ask yourself, “what words are my target audience most likely to utilize when initiating a search for my business?

Words like: “roof repair”, “roofing contractor”, or “roofing service” are likely keyword combinations that will be used when people try to locate your service. Refraining from being too wordy is best – choose your words wisely. Adding your city or local area is a great way to refine the search and place your company higher on the results pages. But, just in case you’re still not entirely sure of what keywords to get started with, we’ve compiled a list below to help get your creative juices flowing. Use our recommendations or modify them to best reflect your business.

Holla Designs Top 8 Keywords for Achieving SEO Results for Roofing Companies

  • (Insert Your City) Roofer(s)
  • (Insert Your City) Roofing
  • (Insert your City) Roofing Contractor(s)
  • (Insert Your City) Roofing Service(s)
  • (Insert Your City) Re Roof
  • (Insert Your City) Roof Repair
  • (Insert Your City) Commercial Roofer
  • (Insert Your City) Commercial Roofing Contractor(s)

Using variations of these critical keyword combinations will further enhance your position on the results pages that are generated when a potential client initiates their search for your services. Modifying these keyword combinations to best reflect the unique characteristics of your business based on factors like your location or specialty is going to provide a huge benefit to your company as doing so will help you to separate yourself from the large broad spectrum of all roofers.

For example, if you create a generic meta title like, “roofing contractor”, you are going to be one of hundreds of thousands of results that are generated – and your chances of obtaining a client are slim.

However, if you were to create your meta title something like, “Houston TX Commercial Roofer“, you are more likely to reach your target audience and secure more clients.

Keep these tips and keywords as a reference as you build your website and optimize your tags. You will be mastering SEO and watching your business grow in no time! Contact us today if you need help or have questions about your roofing website.


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