Why Backing Up Your Website is Important

You always hear people say “back up your hard drive” on your home computer or laptop. It’s one of those things we all should do regularly, but sometimes we forget. The same holds true for your business website. Shit happens right? Your website is the face of your business, you want to protect that at all costs! Servers crash, files get corrupt, updates don’t update properly… whatever the reason, websites can go down. Backing up your website helps you prepare for future disasters.

Here’s some tips on how you can backup your website:

1. Find out if your web host provides backups as a service.

2. Contact your web designer or the company that made your website and ask them to do it for you. They should have enough knowledge to provide manual or automatic backups of your website. (we offer this service for our clients)

3. Use an additional backup service. Many of these services exist. Some cost more than others.

4. Backup your website to the cloud. Some services offer scheduled backups to services like Dropbox.

5. If you have a small website, you can compress the files into a zip folder and email them to yourself. This works best for smaller websites.

6. Save a copy of your website to your local computer. Having two copies of your files isn’t a bad idea.

Backing up your website doesn’t take a lot of money, and it’s a worthwhile investment considering all the things that could go wrong. If you’re a business owner, you probably keep copies of your financial statements and business documents right? Play it smart and make a copy of your website too!

Contact us for information about backing up your website.

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