My recent experiences of house hunting has inspired me to cover this topic of why real estate agents need a website.

Based on what I have seen, the brokers usually have a main website to include basic information about their real estate company and their agents. The websites usually included an MLS integration to show off homes in their listings but barely any information about the individual real estate agents. You might be thinking of why would a house hunter care too much about a real estate agent’s information versus looking at the pretty exterior and interior images of houses.

Trust me, I definitely care about the pretty pictures but I want to know who is the person that is selling the house. What is their reputation? What do their past clients have to say about their services from both a selling and buying standpoint? I want to understand who I will be working with and who will work with my real estate agent.

Let’s break this down of why real estate agents need a website of their own.

Real estate agents need a website to show off their personalities!

A personal real estate website allows you as the agent to express your background and passion for real estate in addition to expressing your overall personality. As a family man, I would place my trust in a real estate agent who also has a family of their own. As a father with young kids, I would place my trust in a real estate agent who are either raising young kids or has raised them. By discovering the personalities and background of my potential agent and being able to share the same interest, I feel more confident in the agent’s ability to accommodate my house hunting needs and to look out in my best interest.  At this point of viewing a personal real estate website, I would have have learned a lot about my agent for compatibility before I even get to meet them.

Real estate agents need a website to promote their expertise!

Today’s house hunters are searching online for the best real estate agents in their area and the search usually involves an evaluation of expertise and whether an agent is a specialist in certain cases (ex: First Time Home Buyer Specialist). With a personal real estate website, the agent can express their expertise by producing content via a blog. With a blog, the agent can keep potential clients up to date on the latest news in the local housing market, mortgage rates, popular areas to live, new schools, and etc. The house hunters are constantly conducting their research online, so your blog posts plays a role in providing support to their research.

Real estate agents need a website to feature their most valued testimonials!

We live in the consumer research world of searching and evaluating services before selecting a service. If you own a personal real estate website, you can take valuable space on your website to express the most beneficial testimonials from your most loyal and satisfied clients.  In addition to featuring testimonials, you can also display a rating star system to reflect your reputation in which we would be happy to integrate a rating star for you.

We are always here to help!

I hope the blog post has shown you why real estate agents need a website and how it can be an excellent opportunity for your real estate business. For more information or to get your business started with a custom website, contact us today for a free quote.

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