There are many websites out there in the market and sure some of them are good looking compared to other websites, but a pretty website without a contact form is basically at an disadvantage.

As a business, your goal is to attract consumers to purchasing your products and services. If your customer has questions regarding your products and services, they will definitely try to find a way to contact you. One of the older ways for the consumer to contact you is of course by dialing your phone number as listed on your website. Yes, it may be easy to just pick up the phone to dial but that isn’t always the case for every consumer. Every customer is different and their preferences will be vary.

Some consumers may be shy and prefer to interact at their comfort level via the internet by typing messages instead of talking directly over the phone.

This is where a custom website contact form can come in handy.

Here is a break down of why your website needs a contact form:

Supporting Non-Office Hours

You and your staff may not be available 24/7 to answer questions, but your contact form will be ready to take questions, feedback, and suggestions from your consumers. A contact form will help in preventing a lost sale or turning your customers away to another competitor.

Requesting a Quote

Your potential customers can utilize your contact form to request a free quote, which can lead to more opportunities and of course customers. Some people may be shy or prefer not to contact you directly over the phone to discuss quotes, so a free quote request online is another option to accommodate.

Scheduling an Appointment

In today’s world, the consumer prefers to schedule or request appointments online since it is easy to set it and forget it. If your business depends on scheduling appointments (ex: dentist appointment) then a custom contact form with appointment request abilities is the way to allow current and new consumers to do business with you.

We’re always here to help!

I hope this blog post has shown you why your website needs a contact form and how you and your customers can benefit. For more information or to get your business started with a custom website, please feel free to use our contact form for a free quote.

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